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The Cool Apples/Me

I studied Art Education, live in London, love painting and photography…

This blog is to share the apples in my eyes (lovely things) with the world.  I hope my ‘apples’ are cool and you enjoy ‘eating’/reading them. 🙂

Copyright Statement

All of the digital photographs, graphical images and written content contained within this web site (www.thecoolapples.wordpress.com) are copyright works of art by © Emi Luk. All rights reserved. These original works of art are protected by International copyright law.

No form of reproduction of these images, photographs and written content, including downloading, copying or saving of digital image files, or the alteration or manipulation of these files, or the reproduction, alteration or manipulation of purchased photographic prints is authorized unless accompanied by written permission from Emi Luk, granting specific usage rights for an agreed fee. For information regarding photograph or digital image usage, please contact me at thecoolapples@gmail.com

by The Cool Apples (Emi)

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