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Wallet Disaster – Discounts Continue… (Trollbeads, Pandora and more)

Wallet Disaster – Discounts Countinue… (Trollbeads, Pandora and more)

This is the time of the year that our wallets are not safe anymore…in a good way! 🙂

I am sure many of our Pandora addicts have been busy shopping since the Pandora promotion (50% discounts on selected items) started last month.  However, when one ends, another starts…

As Swarovski has started their big sale (up to 50% off), John Greed Jewellery (UK based) just started their Trollbeads sale today (up to 75% off of the entire Trollbeads stock) for our UK trollies.   Some fabulous deals like brown and beige leather bracelet is only £12.50 (RRP £25), silver bracelet is £17.50 (RRP £35), purple heart valentine’s glass dangle is £13 (RRP £52), silver bangle is £45 (RRP £90) …while Joshua James Jewellery (another UK jeweller) also has their Trollbeads sale going on.

For the USA ladies, Pandora will start their promotion on 8th July to 15th July 2013 – spend $100USD and receive your choice of a single leather bracelet ($40 USD), you are also allowed to upgrade the deal to get a silver bracelet or a silver bangle.

Click on the picture to bring you to John Greed Trollbeads Sale


Don’t forget Links of London and Thomas Sabo Sale are still going on.  Get your hands busy ladies and don’t forget to let me know what treasure you have got! 🙂

by The Cool Apples

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2 thoughts on “Wallet Disaster – Discounts Continue… (Trollbeads, Pandora and more)

    • Yes, a few UK jewellers are having a Pandora sale from June to 7th July, online and in store too. Famous jewellers like John Greed, Swag UK, Steffans, The Jewel Hut, Argento…, etc. Hope you get some bargains in time. Thanks for reading my blog again. 🙂

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